Monday, 31 October 2011

Composition tips
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This presents the different angles and positions i learned in my first media lesson. 

Friday, 21 October 2011

This is my story board, it shows the opening of 'Wild Child'. However the quality is not great because i used paint as i only have access to paint for editing use. This film is about a rebellious girl that goes by the Malibu culture, she plays a prank on her father, and as this triggers her father's anger she is sent to England for boarding school. She is used to a completely different lifestyle so as a result does not fit into the school very well at first.;and further on as the film goes on she settles in to her new school and everything goes perfectly till she's put in trial doe a fire in the boarding school.. After wards the story carries on with a gist of Teen, Romance and Life.

The first frame displays the 'Universal Studios' logo. The second frame shows us it's a 'Working Title' film; the third frame shows a calm background that stares out at a deep blue ocean which displays a calm atmosphere, the fourth frame becomes lighter and presents yet again 'Universal Studies'. The fifth grade gradually fades into the character, Poppy's room as she lays in bed asleep in the morning and slowly wakes up. This is shown at the same time that the 'in association with Studio canal' is presented. In the 6th slide again the 'Working title' is presented, in the 7th frame the writing and the ocean in the background fades away bringing Poppy into clear view indicating she's the main character. The 8th frame is a close up of Poppy as she wakes up, just before she wakes up and comes alive. The last frame shows her jump up in a hurr and indicates its the start of something important.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Peterpan Soundtrack Task

The clip above is the opening to PeterPan; I have chosen to speak about this film's soundtrack and how it has an impact on us as the audience.

At the very beginning of the clip you hear a melodious soundtrack, that plays calmly as the audience read he words on the screen appropriately; Gradually the tune changes increasing as the name of the movie is revealed, making it appear magical. [0-50secs]

Gently the scene changes and the camera is lowered down making the rooftops the subject, and then you hear an enthusiastic young girl telling a story.. You can hear the diegetic sound of the horses hurrying by, if not by the visuals the sound was hinting to us the time of when the movie was set.. Before you even see the girl you can understand her character as she tells stories about pirates & flying; You also come to understand that by the accent and hr formal english that she must be from a upper class family.[51-72secs]

As the character comes into view her voice is no longer distant and closer to us as the audience, which also helps us understand the character. As soon as she emphasizes on the word 'Hook' you can hear the diegetic sound where the dog whimpers in fear.. It suggests dogs too have fears & feelings; the dog carries on moaning now but less of fear and more frustration.[73-93]

This section begins with a diegetic sound as the young boy pulls out a play sword in defense of his story telling sister; At the a a non-diegetic sound. Then you hear the young children play fighting with a swords and the dog barking in fear of danger and not understanding the game of it. Soon after you hear the books drop down as the battle against it.As the visuals reveal PeterPan hiding behind the curtains, you hear a diegetic sound of Tinkerbell flying towards Peterpan implying she's a fairy; as soon as the dog is aware he reacts by growling at PeterPan being protective over the children and loyal to his owners.Soon after the deigetic sound f the dog's barking catches the childrens attention and brings to their attention that there may be danger. [94-121secs]

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Bird's Continuity Task..

There is a total of 17 shots in this particular scene;
The camera positons are as as follows:

Shot 1 - Long Shot
Shot 2 - Mid-Shot
Shot 3 - Long shot to Medium Shot (slow zoom in)
Shot 4 - Mid-Shot to Long Shot (she walks away)
Shot 5 - Mid-Shot
Shot 6 - Close-up Shot
Shot 7 - Close-up Shot
Shot 8 - Mid-Shot
Shot 9 - Close-up Shot
Shot 10 - Close-up Shot
Shot 11 - Close-up Shot
Shot 12 - Long/Mid-Shot
Shot 13 - Mid-Shot
Shot 14 - Close up Shot
Shot 15 - Close up Shot
Shot 16 - Long Shot to Mid Shot, Low angle
Shot 17 - Long to Close-up to Extreme close up Shot (she runs towards the camera) Low angle at the end.

The first shot from this clip is a long shot, showing the distance traveled by Tippi Hedren as she walks to the door building up the tension for the audience.. It is carried on with a medium shot establishing she's come to a stop now, and shows her knocking on the door. As she gets no reply she goes on and lets herself into the house, this is precisely when the first series of continuity shot takes place; The shot is initially outside the house at a mid-shot when she opens the door and then the next shot takes place inside the house as she walks through, as the shot changes it took place very smoothly and is very precise showing good continuity editing.

Another example of continuity follows almost straight after in this scene as, Tippi Hedren walks through the second door, while it still stays as a medium shot past the kitchen; Then in the next shot she is walking through the door, which follows to a long corridor with a number of rooms, this also is edited smoothly giving the audience a lay out of the setting and hinting the whereabouts. As the audience it grabs our attention, to keep track of where she's going and makes us wonder where she's heading.

As she continues to travel down the corridor she comes to a stop when she appears in front of the room she wants to examine.. at this point a close-up shot is used to inform us of her expressions and reaction. Continuity is yet again used impeccably to show her walk past the room and then we're able to see her from inside the room looking out at her. Then the action takes back in reverse order as she rushes out the room and down the whole way again using the match-on action to show her hurry to get out of the place as she's shocked and in horror. The scene misses the whole chunk as she passes through the kitchen and focuses straight onto her running out of the house, showing her horror.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


The video above is a short movie on the theme 'The Accident'. I completed this task working with Mathura & Aymen. As this is our first year studying Media Studies we did not achieve the best we possibly could have; Before we filmed our short movie we learnt the basic shots. Once we were familiar with the camera language we began videoing our movie. We videoed the same scene a number of times, to make sure we get it as close to perfection as possible, with the knowledge we had learnt that day.

I filmed this short film while Aymen & Mathura acted in the short film. Aymen happened to be a new student who didn't know his way around the school and asked Mathura for directions, for which she accidentally gave him the wrong directions which led him to the school tower..

One of the things i would like to change is the sound in the back, as you can hear machinery in the background, which made it difficult to lower because then i would be lowering the sound of the dialogue too. Also not all the shots flow nicely as it's my first time using Final cut express, and editing videos in general. At 43 seconds, the continuity isn't as neat as it could be.. as i had no experience or knowledge of it at the time, so this is something i'd definitely improve in the next film.

Something i reckon that made the film more enjoyable is the non diegetic eerie music that starts when Aymen enters the building, it creates the mysterious atmosphere, and tension as to where he may lead us. We made quite a few mistakes with the videoing as we should video every step, so that we can cut and fit in clips where possible, as the video didn't flow as well.. Also as our filming over-ran into break time, when the school became more alive and the non diegetic sound of footsteps was overruled by children shouting in the background, and if we were to fade that out, then the footsteps will be faded off too, which will decrease the tension.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hello there!

My name is Geerthy, i have started Media AS today & this is my first ever blog!